Education Program seeks to create an environment through education where Sikhs may freely practice their faith and where people appreciate the presence of Sikhs in the community. We proactively fight bias and discrimination by spreading awareness about Sikhs. We are actively working for creating and distributing presentations, videos, and print materials on Sikhs.


Harnand.org works for the charitable educational institution known as ‘Harnand Foundation’. The institution runs upon the motto of education for all and also to those who are otherwise deprived of education merely because they are poor and cannot afford it. This institution was founded by Mr. Harbhajan Singh Anand and his wife Mrs. Nand Kaur Anand and is constantly supervised and volunteered by Staff of Bahatech Inc.

Sikhlink.com is the ideal place to be, if you need to know more about Sikhism and also look for free books that you can download and read. The website offers valuable Sikh resources like Free Japji Sahib and Shri Guru Granth Sahib. Download MP3 file of JapJi Punjabi which is also available in English and also PDF available in Roman, English and Punjabi languages. The website also accepts donations for Palki Sahib and picture of the same is visible online.

Sikhbookclub.com is your online destination to the sea of knowledge on Sikhism, and other important resources making us aware of its history, about reverend Gurus of the Sikh order and their holy book, The Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Sikhbookclub.com is a virtual library consisting of e-books in Punjabi Gurumukhi language and also English translations of some popular e-books by notable authors. Find books in PDF form to easily access and download at no cost.